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Do you want to take your employees´ language skills to the next level?

In the eTwinz Academy, your employees will learn how to engage in conversations with Spanish speakers and how to solve language challenges to communicate with a specific audience. During these classes, employees will learn specific vocabulary that matches their business goals.

The hardest part of a language is to transform the knowledge obtained in a class into a useful tool that will help you to solve problems when facing a real-world language interaction

In the eTwinz Academy, we truly believe in the need of teaching students how to success in real life situations when they are far away from a textbook or a computer class.

Following this idea, our facilitators design real-world environments and activities where you will use the content, which was learned beforehand, to have successful language interactions and solve problems.

We will virtually take you to real museums, we will transform our virtual classroom into restaurants and theaters, we will visit monuments in order to practice the language, solve problems and success in the real world.

Employees will learn the language in real-world scenarios created by the teacher and based on the business background of each institution.

All the classes we offer for companies and firms, are personalized to meet each institution´s needs.

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