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In our One-on-One lessons you will have access to one-to-one learning time with one of our outstanding facilitators. Every week you will participate in four hours of exclusive learning designed to meet your individual needs.

Our live classes are based on our active learning model.

In the eTwinz Acadamy we don’t have teachers or instructors, we have facilitators. Our facilitators are the ones who will guide you and provide you with the perfect environment to develop your language skills.

In our academy, you learn by doing.

You will learn by using the language to solve problems that our facilitators design for you. Our facilitators are award-winning educators, experts in creating meaningful learning environments.

In the eTwinz Academy, you are the one who is in the center of the learning. You will never find yourself listening at the teachers for hours and taking notes. You are the one who does the talking and drive your own learning by making decisions and solving problems.

In this approach, you will find yourself using the language in authentic contexts based on real-world situations.

These four hours of live classes per week are complemented with deeper thinking activities design exclusively for our premium customers. In these activities, you will be asked to use your language skills to reflect and develop your higher thinking skills

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