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This is a subscription-based model that will grant you access to daily lectures to learn Spanish. In the eTwinz Academy, we offer up to two lectures every day. In these classes, you will learn Spanish with one of our award-winning educators.

The eTwinz learning approach will give you the opportunity to engage with the teacher and other attendees.

In our academy, you will not just learn a language. You will develop the cultural awareness needed to success in a language interaction with members of different cultures.

In the eTwinz Academy, we advocate for the importance of learning culture when learning a language.

You cannot master a language if you don’t understand the culture behind it.

In our commitment to provide high-quality education, we offer cultural classes to our students. We teach about traditions, holidays, performing arts, visual arts, culinary identity and the meaning behind these important parts of a culture. In our classes, you will find yourself learning a dance, cooking a Spanish-speaking country traditional meal or interacting with guest speakers from different cultures.

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