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The eTwinz Academy offers you an opportunity to learn Spanish from anywhere. We offer an innovative combination of authentic resources and live classes that will help your Spanish thrive. This research-based model is proven to be the most effective approach to learn a new language.

With award-winning educators and experienced professionals on board, we promise to provide you with a high-quality learning experience. We have a unique method based on cutting-edge approaches used by the most prestigious institutions around the world.

If you are a child, teen, or adult, join the eTwinz academy and learn one of the most spoken languages in the world with our disrupting approach!

In eTwinz Academy, we offer classes for everyone and any kind of Spanish level. When you sign up for one of our classes, you need to take a placement test that will give us the information needed to point you to the best placement possible: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2.

All our content and curriculum are personalized and developed from scratch following the Cervantes Institute guidelines.

In our small group classes follow the unique eTwinz Academy method based on the 1+1+1 model designed by the eTwinz to take the learning of a second language to the next level.

What is the eTwinz 1+1+1 model?

  • Previous Learning Time: Before the live class, you have access to self-pace personalized materials and activities following that will prepare you to engage in discussions and activities during the live classe

  • Live Class: In the eTwinz Academy, we take advantage of the time with our facilitators by applying the knowledge gained previously to engage in conversations, solve language problems and create meaningful connection 

  • Deeper Learning Time: Once the live class is over, you will have access to another hour worth of materials and activities that will help you to reflect and solidify the learning by making deeper connections.

In this four-month class you will get three hours of Spanish every week. We work with groups of four students following our 1+1+1 model.

You will have access to the Previous Learning Time, every Monday morning. This time will get you ready for the Wednesday’s live class with one of our outstanding instructors. After the live class you will have access to the Deeper Learning Time that will help you to reflect and consolidate your learning.

Small Group Regular Program Schedule

  • Tuesday: Previous Learning Time
  • Wednesday: Live Class
  • Thursday: Deeper Learning Time

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