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How it works

The eTwinz Academy offers you an opportunity to learn Spanish from anywhere. We offer an innovative combination of authentic resources and live classes that will help your Spanish thrive. This research-based model is proven to be the most effective approach to learn a new language.

With award-winning educators and experienced professionals on board, we promise to provide you with a high-quality learning experience. We have a unique method based on cutting-edge approaches used by the most prestigious institutions around the world.

If you are a child, teen, or adult, join the eTwinz academy and learn one of the most spoken languages in the world!

In Detail

Flipped Classroom

We all remember the traditional language classes we have attended in the past where students sit in their desk for hours listening at the teacher and taking notes. That approach to teach languages has been proved to be useless. 

Why are we wasting the face-to-face time we have with the expert on the topic learning something that we could learn at home by ourselves?

In the eTwinz Academy, the learning happens beforehand, the virtual classes are used to apply that learning in a meaningful environment created by our facilitators. 

For each hour of face-to-face engagement, you will have an hour of beforehand learning. In this hour of at-home learning, you will have access to exclusive eTwinz Academy videos, engaging materials and authentic activities.

With our 1+1+1 model, you will have access to one hour of beforehand learning that will prepare you to engage in a face-to-face connection with one of our facilitators. The learning doesn’t stop there, after the class you will have another hour worth of top-class materials and activities that will help you to reflect and solidify your learning. 

Active Learning

In the eTwinz Acadamy we don’t have teachers or instructors, we have facilitators. Our facilitators are the ones who will guide you and provide you with the perfect environment to develop your language skills.

In our academy, you learn by doing.

You will learn by using the language to solve problems that our facilitators design for you. Our facilitators are award-winning educators, experts in creating meaningful learning environments.

In the eTwinz Academy, you are the one who is in the center of the learning. You will never find yourself listening at the teachers for hours and taking notes. You are the one who does the talking and drive your own learning by making decisions and solving problems.

In this approach, you will find yourself using the language in authentic contexts based on real-world situations.

Are you ready to do all the talking?

Real-World Situations

The hardest part of a language is to transform the knowledge obtained in a class into a useful tool that will help you to solve problems when facing a real-world language interaction

In the eTwinz Academy, we truly believe in the need of teaching students how to success in real life situations when they are far away from a text book or a computer class.

Following this idea, our facilitators design real-world environments and activities where you will use the content, which was learned beforehand, to have successful language interactions and solve problems.

We will virtually take you to real museums, we will transform our virtual classroom into restaurants and theaters, we will visit monuments in order to practice the language, solve problems and success in the real world.

Cultural Classes

In the eTwinz Academy, we advocate about the importance of learning culture when learning a language.

You cannot master a language if you don’t understand the culture behind it.

In our commitment to provide high-quality education, we offer cultural classes to our students. We teach about traditions, holidays, performing arts, visual arts, culinary identity and the meaning behind these important parts of a culture. In our classes, you will find yourself learning a dance, cooking a Spanish-speaking country traditional meal or interacting with guest speakers from different cultures.

In our academy, you will not just learn a language. You will develop the cultural-awareness needed to success in a language interaction with members of different cultures.

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